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How to Make Filled Candy

Have you ever gotten a box of delicious filled candies and though, man, I want to make this! Well, you can! With any clear mold, candy filling, and dipping chocolate, you can make your own filled candies too! Just follow these simple steps to make great filled candies and impress your friends and family, or even give out for Holidays and birthdays!

What you will need:

Chocolate, melted (not chocolate chips, as they do not set back up correctly for molds, confectionery coating is what is used for molding)

Any clear mold, at least 3/4 inch deep

Candy Filling


Wax Paper

Cooling Grid

1. Take a deep mold, usually 3/4 inch or deeper, and add melted chocolate to fill by half. Angle mold to swish the chocolate around all sides. Turn over and put on cooling grid with wax paper underneath. This allows the chocolate to drip out of the mold, onto the wax paper, so you easily remove and reuse the chocolate.

2. Once the chocolate is done dripping and somewhat hard, turn over and repeat. You may want to do this a few times, to make a thicker shell. This helps preserve the shell's integrity so it does not easily break when handling. Usually 2-3 times is enough to make a thick enough shell.

3. Once you are done making the shell, use an exacto knife, or any sharp knife, to cut off excess chocolate on mold above the cup. Do not remove the cups from the mold. That will come later.

4. Now to add the candy filling! Fill almost up to the edge of the chocolate cup in the mold. You want to leave a little room to add the chocolate to close the cup. Make sure to tap the mold lightly on the counter to release any air bubbles in the candy filling.

5. Add additional melted chocolate to the top of the candy filling. Tap on the counter to release any air bubbles in the chocolate and to even out the chocolate to make a flat surface for the finished candy to sit.

 You can do this a few ways:

    a. Simply spoon onto candy filling until even with the top of the molded cup. This can be deceiving, as not as much chocolate is needed as you think! When taping on the counter, the chocolate may spread, making it over flow over the edge of the cup if too much chocolate is added.

    b. When doing a lot of filled candies, it is nice to have the melted chocolate stay melted. For easy             handling of the chocolate, take a Squeeze Bottle, add melted chocolate. Then take a dish towel and heating pad. Place the dish towel on the heating pad and fold over, so the towel is inside the heating pad. Put the squeeze bottle inside the dish towel and this will keep your chocolate warm. The dish towel helps prevent the heat from melting the bottle. It depends on your heating pad, what level you would need. If it starts to harden, go to the next setting on the heating pad. The highest setting is not usually needed and may melt the bottle! So be careful! You can even leave the chocolate in the bottle and melt the chocolate this way for use later!

6. Once the shell is done, candy filling in, and the chocolate layer on, put entire mold into freezer and make sure the mold sits flat, otherwise the melted chocolate will spill out. The time they stay in the freezer is determined by the mold being used, however the general time is 5-15 minutes. To tell if your chocolate is ready, check the mold, if all the chocolate looks hardened, turn over onto counter with wax paper or a dish towel (this keeps your surface from getting any chocolate on it to clean up). Turn the mold over the wax paper or dish towel. If the pieces do not automatically fall out, press very lightly on the top of the mold. If they do not come out, do not push harder! They are not ready and need to go back into the freezer. Check on them in a few minutes and they should be ready.

7. Once out of the mold, you can add to a candy box with a candy tray and pad, or you can cover with candy foil.