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100 Petite Doll Cake Pan Characters You Can Create Book

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100 ideas for making mini cakes by using just one cake pan, the Petite Doll Pan. A dome type pan when inverted can easily become a doll skirt, animal faces or even a ski slope. A exciting idea book compiled by author, professional decorator, Dolores McCann and illustrator, cake decorator, Sue Phillips. Includes many ideas from Angel, Bunny Rabbit, Graduate Hat, Whale, Kitty Cat, Monkey, Penguin, Strawberry or Wedding Bells, to name a few. With just a few cutting variations, added candies or specific decorating tubes this pan will most certainly become your number one cake pan to use year round. We hope that you enjoy our bakery ideas and impress family and friends. Includes cutting diagrams, patterns for specific cakes and hand drawn illustrations. Paperback, spiral bound, 8.5x11 inch, 36 pages, some color.