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Big Bear Ceramic Cookie Mold

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  • Includes small recipe and idea book.
  • Old fashioned ceramic cookie molds, just like your Grandma used!
  • Makes approx. 6x4 inch cookie.
  • Make everyday a holiday with cookies and crafts made from ceramic molds@ Use them to make all kinds of delightful things, and when you're finished, hang them on your wall.
  • Make all of these projects and more! Cookies, Salt Dough Ornaments, Molded Chocolates, Molded Butter, Paper Castings including greeting cards, ornaments, etc, Beeswax Ornaments, Cinnamon Pomanders, Ice Cream Sandwiches and so much more!
  • How to Mold Cookies
            - Lightly oil your cookie mold using a pastry brush and vegetable oil. Wipe with paper towel to       remove as much oil as possible.
            - Dust with flour then tap edge to remove excess.
            - Firmly press a piece of dough into the prepared mold.
            - Using a sawing motion with a sharp knife, level the cookie dough so it is flush with the back of the mold.
            - Hold the mold perpendicular to a cutting board and strike the edge sharply 3 or 4 times. Rotate and repeat.
            - Drop the cookie out of the mold onto a baking sheet.
            - Re flour your mold, and repeat. Do not re-oil it.