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Orange 4x4 Candy Foil Squares 125 piece

This item is out of stock

  • Discontinued, no longer available after inventory is gone.
  • Candy Foil Squares are perfect for wrapping your confectionery creations. A pre-cut confectioners wrapper for any occasion that will brighten your candy box or lollipop.
  • Very pliable thin sheet that easily conforms to the shape of your chocolates once wrapped.
  • Rub gently and the candy indentions will appear. 
  • FDA approved. 
  • Approximately .00045 gauge. 
  • Color is only on one side, the other side a dull silver. 
  • Packages are weighed, counts are an estimate. 
  • Having trouble deciding what size to use? Cut a square of paper then try wrapping your candy. Remember it is not like wrapping a gift. Bring corners inward to meet in the center then over lap edges. If you need a larger size that is offered, please contact us for special orders. 
  • Candy Foils are not designed for wrapping caramels or taffy. Use our Candy Caramel Wrap first then cover with a candy foil square.