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Gumpaste 2 lb. Ready Made Dough White by Satin Ice

$11.00 $10.00

  • Gumpaste, Gum Paste, Flower Paste, Marzipan, Pastillage, Sugarpaste, Platinum Paste and Modeling Paste, edible dough, are all words used to describe gumpaste paste for creating flowers, decorations, 3D people figures, animals, trims, pleats, frills, imitate cloth, or other creations.
  • Gum paste is pliable, easy to shape like modeling clay, can be tinted, brushed with craft dusts and dries with the texture and crispness of a Necco wafer.
  • These dough's have have an excellent malleability, with a smooth texture.
  • Easy to mold, tool, free-hand shape or roll out. Dough firms as they dry. Drop on the floor and they will break. Knead slightly, dust work surface and hands with cornstarch then let the fun begin.