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Wafer Paper 8x11 inch 5 Piece

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  • Ingredients: potato starch, water and vegetable oil
  • A white sugar free edible paper to use on cakes, candy or cookies. Also called Rice Paper. Slightly translucent paper that can be written on using food pens or can be run through your printer using edible ink. Wafer paper will mend into moist icing and cuts easily. Cut-out into shapes using scissors or exacto knife. Make flowers, a diploma, butterflies, autumn leaves, edible gifts, and lots more - even 3D figures! Dust sheets with edible glitter or pearl dust or sparkle. Our wafer paper is also used in the Turron Spanish Candy that is so popular both in the US and Spain. Ready made flowers and leaves are also available. Email for pricing.
  • Another Use, lay wafer paper over picture. Trace picture using food pens. Color in and use. Or spread piping gel thinly over entire picture then paint with straight food color. Allow to air dry. Apply to cake with piping gel or a mist of water.
  • Only 100 count package are Kosher. 
  • As shown in the May 2015 issue of Gourmet magazine.